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Algorithms play in favor of negative media, media that draws arguments rather than discussions - leading to us becoming more and more divided as a society.

Matter is an interactive AR map platform that focuses on the progress of social movements through key historic events and consolidates tangible actions (i.e. events, petitions, donations) to encourage continued involvement for positive societal change.

Links to Deliverables:

Prototype | Pitch Deck & Process Book


My Role

My Role

This was a week-long design challenge so as the research lead, I used Prolific to quickly recruit participants summarized user insights to direct the strategy of the project. I also pitched in on the visual design for the promotional stills (say Hi to 3D hands) :)


User Research

Design Strategy

Visual Design

The Ask

This project was part of SCAD StartUp 2022, where the theme was : 'Where do we go from here?' While the theme may seem ominous, our team saw an opportunity to tackle the issue in a world of constant information overload.

As the sole researcher, I focused on the following:

Time Constraint

 Plan for enough time for designers to act on research.

Project Direction

Gather quantitative data on a large scale to point us in a direction quick.

Expert Reviews

Speak to experts in the field and evaluate if our solution is solving a REAL problem.


Social movements take time to see results, in a world where social media and news outlets favor content that generates arguments, activism fatigue is at a all time high.

How can we encourage meaningful learning and for people to take action in their
day-to-day activities?

Our Team

We did a lot in 7 days, and this requires great dedication and time management. Please check them out if you enjoyed our work!

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