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Six of One

Fast fashion has been a well-known problem, but have you heard of

fast furniture? 

Six of One is a service dedicated to rethinking furniture with a system of modular pieces that are customizable, interchangable and adaptable, growing with the transient lifestyle and ever-changing needs of today's generation.

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How It Works

My Role

My Role

As the project manager, I ensured on-time delivery of prototypes and timelines while delegating responsibilities. I was also responsible for the user interaction and interface for our mobile app. 


Project Management

UI/UX Design

Interaction Design

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Data Collection

We conducted focus groups, qualitative user interviews, sensory cues workshops, contextual inquiry, and sent surveys to collect quantitative data. 

774 Data Points

774 Data Points

24 Key Insights

5 Themes


Narrowing our scope to focus on college students and fresh graduates, we gathered some themes on their preferences, views, and behaviors.

1 / Personality

Furniture needs to reflect the buyer's personality.

2 / Functional

Above all else, furniture needs to fulfill the basic and functional needs.

3 / Investment

Furniture is viewed as an investment. Most want high-quality, long-lasting pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, yet are often constrained by budget.

4 / Visionary

The future plays a huge role in how buyers think about and plan furniture purchases.

5 / Touch

Buyers inspect furniture themselves to ensure sturdiness, quality and texture.

18-25 year olds are nomadic and sustainably conscious. They desire unique furniture that are of high quality, but are constrained by budget.

What does practical and sustainable furniture solution look like?
Image of Chair.png

Six of One,
Half Dozen the Other

This popular saying in the South reflects the mindset we want to promote with today's generation when shopping for furniture. Instead of choosing fast furniture due to cost concerns, Six of One creates furniture meant to be taken apart.


When people choose us, they are buying high quality modular pieces that are easier to move with and allows for rebuilds as their physical space and lifestyle needs change. 

Six of One provides furniture unique to you, kind to the earth and designed for life.
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Shop & Envision

Shop pieces designed by local designers using our modular pieces and envision them in your space with the latest AR/VR technology in one app.

Upgrade & Rebuild

Furniture that grows and adapts to the buyer's ever-transient lifestyle and needs, each modular piece can be modified and reused to make new furniture pieces.

Feature 3 - Upgrade.png
Feature 4 - Rebuild.png

Our Team

Like any other UX project, it is never a one-man show, please check out their work as well if you enjoyed our collaboration!

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